CNNgo Channel Activation Guide

If you love entertainment, Roku is on its way to introduce the on-demand channels and among the existing and most-streamed ones; we have the CNN channel to invite you to the entertainment hub. Program categories are many and the channel is updated with the online streaming platform, CNN go. It’s good that the channel does not require any activation charges. To access the channel programs, begin your activation and if you are new to this channel, let us help you to activate it

Requisites For Activation

  • Channel activation code
  • Active and secure network
  • Channel activation page
  • Streaming gadget with the most exciting features
  • Device setup manual to execute, if your streaming device is brand new

Collect these requirements, read and understand the channel activation steps to proceed

Activate CNN on Roku

Select Your Streaming Gadget

  • As multiple streaming devices are available, check out the reviews to find the best model
  • For all the new devices, initial and guided setup is must to be done

Connect Your Device To Network

Without an active internet, proceeding with the setup becomes a tough job. Choose the option, wireless and type the credentials to enable the connection

Add The CNNgo Channel To Your Account

  • To add the channel to your account, find the channel store and CNN belongs to the category, News and Weather
  • If you are unable to find the channel, begin to type the channel name in the search bar
  • The search results will automatically popup on your screen
  • Now select the channel and tap on the option, Add the channel
  • Wait for a while and search for the channel icon on your device display screen

System Update If The Added Channel Is Not Visible

  • Suppose if the added channel is not visible, navigate to settings >system> system update
  • Launch the channel and you will receive the appropriate channel activation code
  • Make a note of this code to proceed further

Channel Activation Page –

  • From any of your mobile devices such as smartphone or tablets, open the page com/activate
  • The very next step is to enter the appropriate activation code
  • Ensure that  you type the code in the exact space that appears on the screen
  • Proceed with the onscreen prompts and the channel will activate successfully on your Roku gadget
  • You can now stream the most entertaining collections on CNN channel

Are You Interested In Live Streaming?

For live streaming, visit the device app store and start your search to find the channel app. Subscribe the top live channel subscription packages such as  Hulu with Live TV, Sling TV, Play station Vue, Fubo TV and much more

Most Entertaining Programs To Watch On CNN

Once you complete activation, stay updated to know the latest programs that include the CNN originals, live news updates, featured collections, live feed, must-watch stories, weekend primetime series and much more

Most entertaining shows

It’s interesting to watch the entertaining shows such as

  • CNN heroes
  • CNN tonight
  • New day
  • Anderson Cooper 360
  • State of the Union
  • United Shades of America
  • This is Life with Lisa King
  • The Movies
  • Blind sided
  • Inside politics
  • The hunt with john Walsh
  • Parts Unknown with Anthony Bourdain
  • Aman pour

Do You Find It Hard To Get Rid Of Activation Issues?

As you proceed, channel activation issues will popup and these errors codes can be resolved with the available troubleshooting tips

Suggest you to use any of the tips below to get rid of the errors at the earliest

  • Check the activation page and code that you use
  • The compatibility of the Roku streaming gadget
  • Speed of the network connection
  • Cross-check the validity of your Roku account. Create a new one if the existing one is not valid
  • Device restart or reset ( You can opt for either soft, hard or factory reset )
  • Deactivate the channel and begin to activate once again
  • Do not miss any of the channel activation steps

Start streaming CNN channel and spend your time visiting the world of entertainment

If you do not know how to activate channel on your own, reach out to our agents @ +1-805-243-0300.

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