Paramount Plus

One of the great news from ViacomCBS is the new Paramount Plus that is to be launched on 4th March 2021. However, many willing subscribers have a question: is Paramount Plus available on Roku? The good news and answer to this question is a YES. Roku is one of the largest platforms allowing you to stream media content on your devices worldwide.

What Is This Paramount Plus Anyway?

Paramount Plus is merely a rebrand and expanded CBS All Access services: a subscription streaming video service replacing the CBS All Access. Very soon, you will stream Paramount Plus on your Roku device. Let’s look into how you will get the Paramount Plus for your Roku device and enjoy some of your favorite series, movies, and shows.

How Do I Get The Paramount Plus App?

Paramount Plus Activation
Paramount Plus Activation

On 4th March 2021, CBS All Access subscribers may visit the Paramount+ website or download the Paramount Plus app on their Roku devices. You will then log in using your CBS All Access login detail. It should probably allow you to stream your favorite content as soon as possible. From a general perspective, current CBS All Access services will automatically switch to the new Paramount Plus. However, we should expect a few changes here and there and more exclusive content.

It’s worth noting that Roku will also update its apps to accommodate the Paramount Plus configuration and enhance its users’ better experience. However, you can also update the Roku app manually by visiting the Roku app home page > setting > System > Check Now > Available Updates.

Suppose you are a CBS All Access subscriber using the Cable Account do not. You will still use your existing cable subscription to sign up on Paramount Plus. However, you will have limited access to some of the content available.

Will Paramount Plus Have Live TV?

Paramount Plus will continue streaming live CBS for premium plan subscribers. You will easily live stream new original series and movies as soon as they have been released. You should expect many quality programs from CBS, MTV, Smithsonian Channel, Nickelodeon, BET, among other top brands. ViacomCBS recently announced that they would add at least 10,000 TV episodes. Additionally, your favorite sports from NFL, NCAA, and PGA Champions League to UEFA matches will be live-streamed. I must not forget to mention that Paramount Plus has also covered news junkies with live news.

Paramount Plus TV Shows

Millions of Roku users might be wondering what will be on Paramount Plus TV shows. ViacomCBS has the aim to stream dozens of new shows. It’s possible with the help of a full ViacomCBS-owned library. Worry no more if you are using a Roku device, and you intend to switch to Paramount Plus program because you will catch your favorite and new comedies, dramas, and reality shows. You should also expect a spin of popular franchises and shows.

Among the notable shows to be streamed on Paramount Plus include Behind the Music, Guilty Party, Criminal Minds, Avatar, Yellowstone 6666, Unplugged, Yo!MTV Raps, Ink Master, Star Trek, Kamp Koral, Halo, The Good Fight, The Italian Job, Weekly Show with Trevor Noah, among others. There is a massive catalog of classic and new shows to be streamed from this platform. The library is aimed to have over 50 series, 30,000 episodes, 2,500 movies, and more.

How Much Does Paramount Plus Cost?

Customers are always cautious of cost, and so is for Paramount Plus price. Well, Paramount Plus will offer a monthly subscription of $10 for the premium tier. This subscription comes with the benefits of ad-free streaming and access to exclusive content, including live streams. Nevertheless, there will advert on live channels.

In June, they will be introducing the base tier at the price of $5 only per month. However, the base tier is accompanied by advertisements, and you have limited access to the CBS broadcast network and live but not everything.

Conversely, there is a $1 reduced cost on the Paramount Plus subscription compared to the previous CBS All Access of the base tier package. Currently, there is a deal on CBS All Access offering half the price, i.e., $50 for an annual subscription on a premium package and $30 for an ad-supported package. The good news is that you will still carry on your respective subscription package to Paramount Plus after 4th March. However, this offer is valid till 3rd March.

Bottom Line

On 4th March, ViacomCBS will launch the Paramount Plus to replace CBS All Access streaming platform. However, this rebranding will not affect supported devices by previous CBS All Access services. Your Roku device is supported and compatible with the new Paramount Plus app. Current CBS All Access subscribers will be transitioned to Paramount Plus. The same login details will be used for Paramount Plus login.

What is your view on the new Paramount Plus? Do you think it will get better for the subscribers? Will you enjoy the additional content and streaming from this platform?

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