Privacy policies are the most important part of the terms and conditions section. In this segment, you can find information about steps and methods incorporating on our site to collect the data from user end and other security terms.

Data collection

We are collecting only the basic data from the user side for the only purpose of providing effective services and we collect this information from the chat and calls. In case of any needed situations only, we will ask for the customer locality information. For the payment transaction purpose for our service, we collect the card details. The basic information of the users includes name, address, email, mobile number, etc.

We always understand the significance of user data and providing our full efforts to safeguard the data. Sharing the user data with any third parties is not followed by us. In case of needed situations like providing data for legal actions only, we will deliver the user data to the respective authorities, after giving notice to the user side.

User responsibility

Our users have certain responsibilities to safeguard their data from the data breach. Always don’t follow the third party information, if furnished on our site. We are not responsible one for any data misuse caused by the third parties on our site.


We have complete rights to end the service for any user if any data misuse or illegal actions are faced from any user. We will follow the respective legal actions based on the user response.


Cookies are established on our site only with the purpose of enhancing our connectivity and services to the users. It is the user’s wish to enable or disable the cookies on our site usage. We recommend our users to hold the cookies to get up-to-date features and notifications regarding the site upgrade.